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KWRD is a site focused on keeping you up to date with the goings on of people who listen to KWRD, but more importantly, we are interested in serving anyone and everyone who wants to learn about new and improved ways to achieve success in the world of small business.

Many of our listeners are among those who make this country turn round and round by enabling their communities to grow and prosper through the beautiful sport we call capitalism.

We thought it might make sense to  bring this week’s success story from a local business owner who specializes in loan financing. As a well connected business pro in Wilmington, Delaware, the owner of Delaware Refinance Professional is a stand-up guy who often cares more for the well-being of his clients than his own. We interviewed him on KWRD a few days ago, and we learned about his incredible work ethic.

On most days, he is up before 5:00 am with running shoes on and out the door for at least a 5k run. After a quick breakfast, he gets ready for the workday by spending some quality family time and helping his wife and kids get ready for for the school day.

The first thing he typically does when he starts his workday at the office is look for the two or three jumbo loans he has in the works because those are high priority and take the longest time to figure out for his clients. Each jumbo loan could take up to three or four phone calls on a given morning to a variety of stakeholders in the deal, so that is best to knock those efforts out first.

Refinance deals are next on his list because they are routine, straightforward, but still take enough focus to get done before noon time.

The next part of this loan officer’s day is where we were most wow’ed during the radio interview. He does an intense cardio and weights workout while listening to a book and getting his mind right for the next few hours of the workday. The workout he described to us in detail was very impressive and we are sure you can ask him to explain if you contact him.

One last plug here, but if you need any sort of help with loans or financing, even if just more info for your parents on the do’s and dont’s of reverse mortgage, you should absolutely get in touch with the Delaware Refinance Professional.

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