KWRD Online – Enjoy Christian Talk Radio Every Day

KWRD online is a Christian talk radio station based in Irving, Texas. The station is owned and operated by Salem Communications. Salem Media is a powerhouse in the telecommunications industry, ministering through about a hundred stations. Most of their media properties are dedicated to bringing sound preaching, teaching and inspirational music to listeners across America. The groups aims to reach Christians and non believers where they are through the use of emerging technologies. Through their online services, they also minister to listeners worldwide.

KWRD is operated by the company known for other media that serve Christians, such as Crosswalk and BibleStudyTools. Nowadays, Christians have so many options for being inspired and encouraged. If you live in Texas and want to know more about community and local events, this is one station you can tune in to at any time to get updates on family friendly festivals and much more. While KWRD is encouraging for Christians, it also helps to bring the love of God to listeners who want to learn more about what Christ’s death on the cross means for them.

Listen to KWRD Online From Anywhere
People who want a Texas radio station that they can listen to on their mobile device can tune in at any hour of the day for interesting programs. While listening offline, you can tune in on 100.7 FM. To listen online, you can visit their website at You can even listen to KWRD online through their parent company’s site,

Catering to Individuals and Families
Listeners can hear the best in contemporary Christian music as well as incisive discussion on popular issues. Their programming is designed for indivudals of all ages and families to learn together. You will find ample room to discuss sound facts using engaging questions that arise on air. Featured articles on daily living tackle tough questions related to politics, sex and staying the course as a believer.

Listen in a Foreign Language
KWRD online has foreign language broadcasts designed to cater to Spanish, Khmer and French speaking listeners. Broadcasts which are available in Spanish include A New Beginning, with Harvest Christian Fellowship’s Senior Pastor, Greg Laurie. Programs in languages such as Indonesian and Dutch are also presented online. By visiting their site, you can have your need for the Word through various types of programming.

Free Daily Devotionals
A daily devotional will help you make the right steps to start your day. You can read the regular devotional online. You can also select a program that helps put a little more pizzazz in your day by browsing the guide. Morning programs help to keep you in touch with news from across the world and bring encouragement and hope to you each day. Devotionals are complemented by other resources that help to restore your faith when you are going through a hard time. Prayer support is provided to families in crisis and indivudals who don’t know where to turn.

Fun Events
Station events, news and community notices help to keep listeners involved and aware. Fun for kids through the Berean Blast and Youth Handbell program make this family station one that you will enjoy listening to. Seminars and simulcasts like the Beth Moore Living Proof Live Simulcast and How We Love Seminar with Milan and Kay Yerkovich cater to specific issues that listeners have.

The station’s entertainment package is mixed with sound Bible based podcasts on different topics. Along with movie reviews, you can enjoy the Eric Metaxas Show, Truth For Life and Dooley Noted. Music reviews and videos, Chris Brown’s True Stewardship and other programs help to relax you while you learn more about discipleship. Questions tackled in these programs reflect real struggles that adults go through in their finances and career, whether you are refinancing your home, making a significant purchase, or just looking for professional development.

Practical answers shared in programs that are brought to you live will give you hope for the future. Seminars and conferences teach you how God’s word really helps you pick the best alternative in confusing times. KWRD exists to help Christians live life more fully. The station can be accessed at any time and the programs are all designed to enhance your walk. Improving the way you allow God’s power to transform your life is a daily process. This is a Texas radio station that helps you to do that.

Keeping up with your daily routine

KWRD is a site focused on keeping you up to date with the goings on of people who listen to KWRD, but more importantly, we are interested in serving anyone and everyone who wants to learn about new and improved ways to achieve success in the world of small business.

Many of our listeners are among those who make this country turn round and round by enabling their communities to grow and prosper through the beautiful sport we call capitalism.

We thought it might make sense to  bring this week’s success story from a local business owner who specializes in loan financing. As a well connected business pro in Wilmington, Delaware, the owner of Delaware Refinance Professional is a stand-up guy who often cares more for the well-being of his clients than his own. We interviewed him on KWRD a few days ago, and we learned about his incredible work ethic.

On most days, he is up before 5:00 am with running shoes on and out the door for at least a 5k run. After a quick breakfast, he gets ready for the workday by spending some quality family time and helping his wife and kids get ready for for the school day.

The first thing he typically does when he starts his workday at the office is look for the two or three jumbo loans he has in the works because those are high priority and take the longest time to figure out for his clients. Each jumbo loan could take up to three or four phone calls on a given morning to a variety of stakeholders in the deal, so that is best to knock those efforts out first.

Refinance deals are next on his list because they are routine, straightforward, but still take enough focus to get done before noon time.

The next part of this loan officer’s day is where we were most wow’ed during the radio interview. He does an intense cardio and weights workout while listening to a book and getting his mind right for the next few hours of the workday. The workout he described to us in detail was very impressive and we are sure you can ask him to explain if you contact him.

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